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Gitfbox – EAN 8 785295 500450 – May 2024 – 5 Dices, 100 Scorecards, 10 Rules of the Game Price € 15,= excluding delivery costs

2024 – Mei
2 Overs Dice Test Cricket – Dice Game

By Derick – H. Maarleveld and Lucas Hendrikse

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Rain does not stop play!

It raining cats and dogs. The umpire calls: ‘Gentlemen, rain stops play.’ Typically the players hang out in and around the dressing room and get bored. Now with this new exciting dice game they continue playing their beloved game. The don’t get bored, they have fun… the sun is shining in the pavilion. This 2 Overs Dice Test Cricket Dice Game is a lovely present to all cricket lovers.

For younger and older players en spectators. Enjoy your dice game!